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In the spirit of Ground Hog’s Day, we thought we would take a look back and revisit one of our more  popular articles.  While it was published a while ago, it is still relevant today.  Many organizations are looking for looking for ways to streamline their procurement processes. Knowing what to look for in a procure-to-pay or eprocurement solution can help when researching the right fit for your organization.  So here is our Ground Hog’s Day flashback!

What to Look For in an eProcurement or Procure-to-Pay Solution

It is a fact that a Procure-to-Pay or eProcurement solution can significantly streamline efficiencies in the purchasing processes of a company, saving time, money and man-hours. In addition, it can provide cost controls, compliance, and visibility to an organization’s spend that can become an invaluable resource of data to C-level management. Its no wonder that many businesses in every industry sector are considering abandoning cumbersome (and time consuming) processes that rely on traditional ordering systems, and are looking to move toward implementing electronic procurement solutions.

If you are considering making the leap to a totally computer-based procurement system, choosing from the many software solutions and services that are available can be a frustrating experience. It doesn’t have to be.

Perhaps the most important aspect to entering the world of eProcurement lays in answering one simple question: are your vendors ready? If your B2B supply chain includes smaller craft or specialty vendors, it’s possible that some of them won’t be equipped to handle electronic purchase orders. While this can pose a problem, it can also lead to searching out business relationships that can provide you with equivalent products at a lower price point via an eProcurement system. Alternatively, you might want to consider a solution that supports both electronic and traditional ordering processes.

Regardless of how you choose to proceed, there are attributes that you should look for in any electronic procurement system:

Is the system fairly intuitive to the end user, and have a relatively easy learning curve? If the system doesn’t meet this basic criteria, employees who are responsible for using the system will look for shortcuts, and bypass the system-enforced processes.

The selected system must be able to securely process transactions, including both orders and payments. Security upgrades should be easy to install, and frequently updated. Every authorized user should be able to have a separate security / authorization profile in the system that allows them to conduct only transactions for which they’re approved.

A properly configured eProcurement system supports electronic data interchange (EDI) formats that are appropriate for your company. If most or all of your purchases are from North American vendors, then the system should, at a minimum, meet the ANSI X12 EDI standard. If you conduct international business, then the UN/EDIFACT EDI standard must be supported as well.

Maybe most importantly, the selected Procure to Pay or eProcurement system should be scalable as your business grows. As the number of system users and transactions increase, both the front and back ends of the system (access points and databases) must be flexible enough to deal with increased traffic and data queries.

The system must either conform to the current purchasing workflow, or your company must make the commitment to changing the purchasing workflow process in order to meet the requirements of the system. The former is easier to implement than the latter, however, most solutions are based on industry “best practices,” for good reason.  If your processes don’t mesh nicely with industry standards for eProcurement, consideration should be given to modifying the internal processes.

Moving from a traditional purchasing process to a B2B eProcurement environment can be challenging, but the potential benefits far outweigh both the cost and resource commitment in making the transition. Taking the time to analyze the available options, and selecting a system that is the best fit for your company makes a lot of business sense in the long run.

Read how Puridiom clients made their eProcurement choice.


It’s a New Year and the time for resolutions.  It is a time to reflect on the past and make a conscious effort or firm decision to improve.  Sometimes, it is as simple as resolving to do something better or more consistently, or eliminating an action that has slowed us down.  Whatever the resolution, it should be something that takes into account what we have learned in the past year and use that to make adjustments and improvements in the new year. With this is mind, Puridiom recognizes its responsibility to employees and clients and has looked within itself for improvement.  With New Year resolve, Puridiom rededicates itself to its clients, products and services with renewed energy and commitment.  Puridiom resolves to:

  1. Continue to do the things it does well and always strive to make them better, such as customer and product support, dedication to product development, and helping clients implement the best ways to get the most savings and value through procurement technology and best practices.
  2. Remove obstacles that get in the way of clients achieving maximum success.  Integration of complex, obscure or legacy ERP, unique industry procurements, or remote site implementations are just a few of the barriers Puridiom successfully navigates for its clients.
  3. Take Procurement Everywhere™ with the new P5 release.  Puridiom 5.0 offers comprehensive P2P functionality across all devices, with mobile capabilities and an easier and more intuitive interface.

We look forward to 2015 with anticipation and look forward to working with our partners on new projects.  Our User Group Conference is scheduled for October and will be full of P5 features and procurement best practices.  As always, we look forward to seeing and meeting many of you at our conference and other procurement events during the year.  Webinars, videos, and new reports are also on the horizon, so stay tuned.  As a start, we invite you to take a look at our new video page. We wish you all the best in the New Year!  

Puridiom website

That is not what you to see when you go to a website. But, a few days ago, that’s exactly what happened to our product information site.  Our internet hosting provider was one of the many services that suffered Denial of Service attacks. As a result, our product website was down and out for a few hours.

We want to be very clear that our client sites are hosted separately and are secure.

First of all, we want to extend our deepest apologies to anyone that attempted to access information from our site at that time.  We are working very closely with the hosting company to make sure that this does not happen again.  In the light of the recent Sony hack, we know that nobody is immune to these kind of attacks. Puridiom recommends utilizing your organizations’ security protocols and changing passwords as recommended to protect your information.

We would also like to reiterate that in accordance with our privacy policy Puridiom uses email addresses and other personal information submitted through our Website to reply to your requests for information about our products, services, and other general information.  You are always able to opt out of communication with us at any time by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of every Puridiom communication or simply emailing us and with unsubscribe in the subject line or text.  It is unfortunate that this type of hacking does occur and occasionally our website does go down.  We will do all we can to make sure we are up and running and available to you at all times.  We appreciate everyone that notified us of the situation and your patience as we worked to get back on line.

Now for some good news! We have a new video page with some exciting new videos.  Check it out and be on the look out for more adventures with Puridiom Man!


Puridiom Man

That’s the word from Next Level Purchasing Association after they conducted a vendor review of the Puridiom Enterprise Procure-to-Pay solution suite this past May.  Reviewed by Charles Dominick, President & Chief Procurement Officer, NLPA and Greg Urhlen, Marketing Manager, the team declared the Puridiom procure-to-pay solution a “source-to-pay” system with a strong eProcurement component and basic sourcing capabilities.  With a flexibility to integrate with any ERP or HR system, Puridiom sets themselves apart from many vendors (beyond the procurement realm) who are unable to offer such seamless integration.   Although the reviewers did not give Puridiom high points for “aesthetic beauty” the numbered workflows available for most processes made the software easy to use, which factored high in the review.   Puridiom is taking care of the aesthetics with its new 5.0 release.  A slick new UI is included in the release with the workhorse solution that has delivered for all of these years.  Look for the release in Q1 of 2015 and be sure to sign up for the Puridiom 5.0 preview scheduled for November 12th.   To read the NLPA review, go to The Purchasing Certification Blog.

stack of books

Lutheran High School of Orange County, the largest Private Lutheran High School in the United States, recently enrolled in the Puridiom Strategic Cost Management Program for Private Schools. This program specifically addresses the need for Private Schools to offset the cost increases that are driving up tuitions. Partners in the program include Office Depot using their extended web catalog product offering, and Key Travel, the largest travel agency in the world for non-profits.

Orange County Lutheran High School (OLHS) will use Puridiom Procure-to-Pay internet based software to allow school employees to easily search Office Depot goods and services along with other program vendors and submit requests to buy for departmental approval BEFORE the cost is incurred.  All requests directly reference cost-center budgets.  Consolidated electronic invoices automatically match to orders for streamlined electronic discounted payment. Included in the Office Depot service for each Private School is a custom web store where students, faculty and alumni can buy School Spirit clothing, items and uniforms, paying income to the school. Key Travel, because of its focus on non-profit travel, will offer OLHS special missionary fares that are much lower than they have been paying.  Other partners to the Puridiom Private School program will soon offer textbooks.

“Private Schools this Fall across the U.S. are experiencing unexpected withdrawals and many are going into this new year with tuition income below plan,” says Dennis Toohey, Director of Puridiom Solutions.  “Private School tuitions for many parents are simply causing them to have to send their kids to public school.   Our Private School program can offset this lost revenue and in fact become a new income stream.”

A webinar featuring the school is scheduled later this year.  Watch your email for announcements!

pink day

Puridiom has turned pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month!   We have turned our homepage banner and Puridiom Man mascot pink to raise awareness of breast cancer and the research for a cure.  At our offices, we dedicated Friday, October 17th as our official awareness day, with all staff dressing in pink.  Even our offices in India and Peru joined in!



The Changing World of Procurement - A Recap of The Changing World of Procurement Webinar presented by Supply & Demand Chain Executive, September 10, 2014

The following is a Puridiom recap of The Changing World of Procurement webinar presented by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. The points covered during the roundtable discussion have been summarized in order of the questions asked.   Although the panelists were from very different backgrounds within the Supply Chain, they all reiterated the importance of procurement automation, visibility, supplier collaboration and communications.

Continue reading The Changing World of Procurement Recap

Changing World of Procurement

Over the past several decades, we have seen the role of procurement change tremendously, moving from a back room function to a strategic role at the corporate decision-making level.  There are many factors to account for this change – technology, internet, communication, and recognition of the importance of the role of the procurement function. Today, procurement’s role and how it is viewed within an organization is constantly and continually evolving.

What will it look like in 10 years?  How will the use of mobile devices within the workplace affect how we buy, or how we manage suppliers?  How will social media affect the decision-making processes, and how is/will technology change to accommodate the way procurement departments function?  The amount of data being gathered and generated by ERP, accounting, and procurement systems is huge.  How will the availability and analyzation of data affect procurement?

These and many other questions are just some of the possible topics of the September 10 webinar, The Changing World of Procurement.  Join Al Jacobs, Puridiom VP & COO and 3 others as they discuss their perspective on procurement today and in the future.



next level purchasing conference banner

What is a MVP?  MVP is an abbreviation for Most Valuable Player: the man or woman judged to be the outstanding player in a sport during a particular season or championship, according to  So it follows that a procurement MVP is the man/woman judged to be the outstanding procurement professional, and to simplify, we’ll take the season and championship out of the equation and substitute department.  In other words: A Procurement MVP is the man/woman judged to be the outstanding procurement professional within their department.

How do you become an MVP? Efficiency? Competency? Experience? Education?  Well, we’ll leave that up to you to decide.  The point of this article is to share with you an upcoming conference that can help you become the MVP of your office.  And in a way that we think is fun and educational.  The Next Level Purchasing Association is conducting its second annual conference, 2014 NLPA Conference, Where Procurement MVPs Are Made, focusing on helping you become a better procurement professional.  Complete with relevant workshops, topical general sessions, and interesting keynote speakers, the conference promises to educate, as well as entertain.

Set to a baseball theme, complete with a backdrop of the beautiful Three Rivers Stadium (sorry, born a Pittsburgher, I’m partial), the conference sets you up for the first pitch and takes you through all the bases.   Attendees can earn up to 16.5 CEHs towards certifications.

Why are we promoting this conference?  We believe in education and are proud to sponsor this event.  If you register as our guest, using our promo code, you can save 10% on the registration cost.    We look forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh and seeing you transform into a Procurement MVP!